Reducing Risk and Understanding Funding Opportunities (Aug. 15 & 29)

Small Business Two-Part Series on Reducing Risk and Understanding Funding Opportunities

In partnership with the Tolland County Chamber, the CT Small Business Development Center brings you a two-part series to help your small business level up.


The first session will cover Reducing Risk. When managing a small business, not only are you dealing with the day-to-day, but there are many other compliance elements you need to keep on your radar to ensure the long-term health of your business, such as knowing what applies to you in the context of:

  • Dept. of Labor,
  • Dept. of Revenue Services,
  • Secretary of the State,
  • licensing, and more!


This second session will walk you through various options to access financing for your business, as well as understanding:

  • Requirements
  • Credit scores
  • Paperwork
  • Resources to support you

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