Entrepreneurs Seeking Angel and Investor Capital

CTSBDC assists founders and owners like you in preparing for equity funding and support for seeking investment to finance their business launch and growth. Not all businesses are ready to pursue and manage Angel and Investor capital, but our advisors can help you determine if outside equity makes sense for you. They have years of experience helping their clients assess their suitability, weigh risks and benefits, and understand the impact of outside equity on their business governance. They will help you refine your investor “pitches”, determine the amount and timing of capital infusion, and put Angel and Investor capital in the context of your overall financing plans. Most importantly, our experienced advisors will share their insights into “where the money is” and will provide valuable links to organizations and people who might have an interest in investing in your business.


Over the past ten years, CTSBDC has helped its clients secure $258,414,625 million in outside equity investment

All our one-on-one advising is free and confidential. We also offer webinars and other training and other learning opportunities on topics such as:
- Investor Readiness
- Pitch Bootcamp
- Financial Modelling
- Data Room Support

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Bonde Innovations/CoRISMA Cardiovascular is a medical device company developing a heart failure system to treat patients suffering from advanced heart failure. Spun out of the Bonde Artificial Heart Lab at Yale University, CoRISMA is an implanted and innovative blood circulation device that is wirelessly powered. As a nascent medical device company, Mike’s primary challenge before working with CTSBDC was to raise seed funding.

Navigating Growth: Mike's Journey with a CTSBDC Advisor

Mike met CTSBDC Business Advisor Patty Meagher at a Connecticut Venture Group event where he was pitching the company in the very early days, trying to identify new investors. Following his presentation Patty engaged Mike in a conversation about ways in which he could improve upon his presentation, and that was the beginning of their advising relationship.

As one example of Patty’s assistance in a recent fundraise, Mike explained that they had reached a dead end with one investor group. “Patty helped me to understand how best to move forward to the next group. This is a type of insight you can only get from someone who is paying attention to your business, who understands your business, and your efforts – it refocused me to raise the money I needed to raise.”

Looking ahead, Mike reports the business is doing well with solid R & D momentum and identifies his next challenge is to raise Series A funding in 2021.

Minority Business Growth Program

The Minority Business Growth Program (MBGP) will provide students with knowledge and access to resources to help their businesses scale and thrive while taking part in a shared collaborative experience. At the Connecticut Small Business Development Center (CTSBDC), we believe small and minority businesses are an important component for building and sustaining vibrant communities, therefore, a key objective of the MBGP is to help business owners understand essential drivers for growth.

Your MBGP journey will commence with a critical review of your business, its operational capability, performance, and resource adequacy to build a snapshot of your business status. Your journey will continue over eight engaging sessions where you will receive valuable information from subject experts, participate in practical exercises, and networking sessions, and be guided through operational and technical challenges that are common to many small businesses.

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Equity Investment Advisors

Patty Meagher, Tech Business Advisor

Patty Meagher 

Greg Lewis, Business Advisor

Greg Lewis 

Christine Sullivan, Business Advisor

Christine Sullivan 

SBIR/STTR Grant Support

 The Federal government provides businesses with grants or contracts to move your bleeding-edge, innovative technology concept forward. These grants are non-dilutive so you can retain full ownership of your company. Federal agencies will fund “Small Business Innovation Research” and “Small Business Technology Transfer” grants of up to $275,000 to build a prototype or “proof of concept” in a Phase I award, or up to $1 million in a Phase II award.  These grants are offered to companies doing truly innovative research and development to create game-changing technologies and thriving businesses.  The application process is highly competitive, and our clients find they have a higher rate of success working with an advisor.


During the past five years, CTSBDC has provided free and confidential advice on SBIR and STTR grants to 113 Connecticut business owners and entrepreneurs.


CTSBDC advisors can help you determine if your business concept is a good fit for SBIR or STTR grants and walk you through the grant program and process. Advisors will review your business concept and model, discuss your prospects for commercialization of your product, and provide support, including a review of your SBIR application, as you proceed.

Our advising is free and confidential. Click the link below to get started, and please be sure to indicate who referred you to us.

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futuresTHRIVE ’s main product is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-backed, game-based mental health screener for children aged 4-20 that can be administered by a pediatrician at a child's "well child" annual visit. The futuresTHRIVE screener provides an assessment of the child's mental health at that time and, perhaps more importantly, a baseline that can be compared over time, facilitating an improved understanding of the factors that contribute to positive and negative mental health in our families.

Working with CTSBDC a Business Advisor

Wendy Ward notes the assistance that CTSBDC Business Advisor Christine Sullivan helped her with supported both the strategy and tactics of getting futuresTHRIVE funded. With Christine's guidance, Wendy received a $250,000 SBIR Phase 1 Grant (Small Business Innovation Research Program) and an additional grant of $100,000 for futures THRIVE.


SBIR/STTR Accelerators (Community Foundation Greater NH) 

CTSBDC is proud to support The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven’s NHE3 initiative and to have been selected to participate in a $2 million federal grant to bolster minority-owned tech companies. Stepping in with technical assistance and business advisors, CTSBDC will present three accelerator programs, each spanning six sessions, focused on Federal research and commercialization grants. This effort aims to empower entrepreneurs within the Greater New Haven area, ensuring equitable opportunities and growth within minority-owned tech enterprises.

“CTSBDC is committed to leveraging our expertise and resources to drive impactful change and equitable opportunities for small businesses in this collaborative initiative.”, said CTSBDC State Director Joe Ercolano.

The grant will support The Community Foundation’s Connecticut Consortium for BIPOC Technologists, a regional business support ecosystem for technology entrepreneurs. The funding will help science and technology firms with growth potential expand through business accelerator programs and access to equity capital. Aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage founders will also be connected to successful technology firms. Minority, women, business owners, and entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply.

Current Cohort: April 30 -June 4 ( 6 Tuesdays) from 1:00 - 2:30 PM. 

Applications are now closed.

SBIR/STTR Grant Support Advisors


Greg Lewis 


Christine Sullivan