CT Small Business Development Center Welcomes Angela Rodriguez as Permanent Staff, Adding Diverse Expertise to Support Small Business Growth


Connecticut Small Business Development Center (CTSBDC) proudly announces the appointment of Angela Rodriguez as a Training & Learning Coordinator. Angela’s assumption of this position stands as a significant milestone, reflecting her expertise and commitment exhibited over the past several months.

“We are pleased that Angela is joining our Team in the growing area of small business training and learning. In her prior position as Project Manager, Angela was instrumental in the development of several new programs we will launch in 2024. Now, she has the opportunity to ensure these programs are implemented and integrated into our service offering on an ongoing basis”, said Joe Ercolano, State Director of CTSBDC.
Her dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to fostering small business growth have been evident in her exemplary work during her tenure.

 Elevating CTSBDC Programs & Student Entrepreneurship Initiatives

In her role, Angela will support and guide CTSBDC programs including its new Business Financial Literacy and Immigrant Entrepreneurship programs, launching this year. She will also support the Verge Student Consultant and Santander Assistant Program, both of which provide experiential learning for UConn Graduate and Undergraduate students, who assist small business owners in areas such as market and product research, marketing, digital marketing, social media, and financial analysis, among others.

“I am honored and excited to continue my journey with CTSBDC. It’s been a pleasure to support entrepreneurs and small business owners as they navigate the challenges of starting and growing their businesses. This position has allowed me to merge my experience in teaching and developing training programs and my passion for entrepreneurship.” Angela expressed.

Bridging Education and Business Expertise at CTSBDC

With an extensive background in education and business, Angela brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to CTSBDC. Angela has a degree in Psychological Sciences from Central Connecticut University, a Master’s in Language Teaching from the University of Westminster (London), and an MBA from the University of Connecticut. Before joining CTSBDC, Angela’s experience included teaching, program development, and material creation. She worked with students from all over the world in different settings: schools, language institutes, higher education, refugee, and migrant centers, and corporate. She also collaborated in the development of academic and cultural programs and educational and training material, both for online and in-person courses. Her diverse educational background and business experience equip her with a multifaceted understanding of business dynamics and human behavior.

Connecticut Small Business Development Center welcomes Angela Rodriguez to her permanent role, confident in her ability to further elevate the agency’s commitment to empowering small businesses and fostering economic growth.

Welcome, Angela!