Angela Rodriguez

Training & Learning Coordinator

Before joining CTSBDC, Angela’s professional experience included teaching, program, and material development. She has worked with students from all over the world in different settings: language institutes, refugee and migrant centers, corporate, and higher education. She has also collaborated in the development of academic and cultural programs and educational and training material, both for online and in-person courses.

After teaching for some years, Angela decided to change careers and started the MBA program at the University of Connecticut, where she also worked as a Graduate Assistant. She worked in the School of Business and helped in the development of diverse opportunities for students to experience international business.

While working as a Business Consultant intern, Angela discovered her passion for helping entrepreneurs and working with small businesses. She is inspired by business owners who drive social change and positively impact their communities.

Angela holds a degree in Psychological Sciences from Central Connecticut University, a Master’s in Language Teaching from the University of Westminster (London), and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

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