Denise Whitford

Business Advisor

Denise Whitford has earned a reputation as a seasoned Business Advisor, where she brings nearly 35 years of professional economic development and financial services experience. Denise works with entrepreneurs and small business owners primarily in the Hartford region and at the US Department of Commerce in Middletown. With more than two decades of experience in bank operations, lending, sales, and service management, Denise shares her knowledge and extensive business acumen to help her clients build the best chance of enduring growth and profitability.

A creative force of positive, focused energy, Denise provides her clients with competitive insight, technical skills, and strategic guidance to drive their success in both domestic and international markets. This often includes honing business plans, adjusting working capital position, expanding workforce capacity and refining marketing goals.

Denise earned her Bachelors Degree from Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA, and then continued her professional education through the American Bankers Association, earning diplomas in banking and consumer lending. After working through numerous mergers and acquisitions in the banking industry, Denise earned an MBA from UConn with concentrations in Management and Human Resources and recently received Certified Global Business Professional accreditation from NASBITE (National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators).

A true Foodie, Denise loves gardening and cooking, and will often be found exploring many of New England’s unique eateries, wine trails, and craft breweries.

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