Motivating Business Owners through Professional Coaching

David Olchowski, Owner

Acadia ActionCOACH

July 13, 2021 - North Granby, CT

Acadia ActionCOACH helps business owners achieve their time, team and money goals. Utilizing decades of experience and proven methodologies Acadia's business and executive coaches are dedicated to pushing you toward achieving business excellence. Whether you own a start-up or you are a seasoned executive, working with Acadia ActionCOACH you will identify your challenges and apply practical and results-driven solutions.



Acadia ActionCOACH and CTSBDC: A Success Story

What inspired you to start your business
I was inspired to take control of my own destiny. At this stage in my career, with my years of knowledge and experience, I felt more comfortable betting on myself to succeed rather than a company to succeed.

Before coming to the SBDC, what were your primary challenges and/or needs?
I knew the basics of putting a business plan together and felt I had done a decent job of that. What I needed was the experience in expertise in putting my financial analysis and projections in a format that would ease the SBA loan application process.

How have the services/counseling you’ve received helped you overcome your challenges?
The services I received streamlined the loan application process. I was expecting many "turnbacks" from the bank during the application with requests for more information or clarification. That did not happen. My application sailed through the first time with no requests for additional information.

What are two to three things you have learned by working with CTSBDC?

I've learned to work with trusted advisors like CTSBDC when applying for a business loan. I've learned that the resources of CTSBDC are vast and that I was only tapping into a small piece of the experience and expertise. And lastly, I've learned that CTSBDC can help me achieve my business vision and I have referred some of my clients to CTSBDC.

How is your business doing now? What does your future look like?
We doing good, but not yet great - which is okay in this environment. Starting a business in a pandemic takes a lot of courage, and I didn't go into this with rose-colored glasses. But we have built momentum and continue building it every day. I have zero regrets or second thoughts about my decision. The future looks very promising as we continue to network across the CT economic geography.

Describe your experience with your advisor
Shelly was a pleasure to work with. She was spot on with her analysis and feedback. She gave me plenty of positive encouragement and prepared me well for the loan application process.

What would you say to other small business owners thinking of working with SBDC
If you want top-notch advise and you want to speed your loan application through the process, you MUST work with CTSBDC. They are easy to work with but will challenge you to ensure you have a solid business plan.

Quote from advisor, Shelly Koehler:

"David came to the SBDC looking for access to capital he wanted to start his own business of business coaching. He knew that he needed the guidance through the commercial lending process and was directed to the SBDC.  With David’s focus and tenacity we were able to assist him in getting capital so he could start his venture.


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