Starting a Beauty Salon

Beth Tramontano, Owner

Be Salon

May 7, 2019 - Windsor, CT

Looking for a new adventure, Beth Tramontano wanted to start her own hair styling business but needed help getting the business off the ground. Connecticut Small Business Development Center Business Advisor, Mary Kay Della Camera helped her develop a business plan and guide her through the process of starting a business in Connecticut.

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Business Start


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Owner: Beth Tramontano

Business Start Date: December 20, 2018

What Does Your Business Do?:

Hair styling services.

What Inspired You to Start Your Business?:

My inspiration to start a business was that after working in the salon industry for 28 years I wanted to try something new and challenge myself to take on a new adventure.

Before Coming to the CTSBDC, What Were Your Primary Challenges and/or Needs?:

Before coming to the CTSBDC, my main challenge was that I didn't know much about opening a business. I did a Google search and CTSBDC was the first link that came up. I needed help with just about every aspect of paperwork required by the state of Connecticut, and at the federal level, and my advisor helped with that and much much more.

How Has the CTSBDC Helped You Overcome Your Challenges?:

The services I received from CTSBDC have been priceless. My advisor, Mary Kay Della Camera, has been there every step of the way to guide me through what is a very confusing process. Mary Kay keeps me focused and is always there to remind me of what I need to have done.

What Have You Learned/Changed Since Working with the CTSBDC?:

Working with CTSBDC has taught me that owning a business is an everyday job and that if you keep on top of paperwork that it is manageable. I have also learned that it’s pretty awesome to be my own boss and that with the help of the CTSBDC I am feeling more confident everyday.

How is Your Business Doing Now? What Does Your Future Look Like?:

I have been open for a little over a 2 months but so far everything in my business is going really well. All the remodeling of the space is completed and the clients love the vibe of the salon. The salon is busy and I have been thoroughly enjoying taking care of my clients in my own space. I have two other stylists renting chairs and running their own businesses and we are all happy being “girl bosses” together. In the future I am hoping to have the other three chairs rented and to help other hair stylists achieve their business ownership goals.

What Was It Like Working With Your Advisor?:

Working with my advisor has been life changing. I can’t thank Mary Kay enough for her guidance, direction, expertise and knowledge. She is so well informed and knows just how to help me stay focused. As an artistic spirit, I can be easily distracted and she always knew when to check in and get me back on track!

What Words of Advice Would You Give to Small Businesses Looking to Work with CTSBDC?:

I would tell any other small business owner that is thinking of working with SBDC that they absolutely should make it their first step in a business development plan. The guidance will be invaluable and keep you from making mistakes that can cost you more time and money in the long run.

Quote from Business Advisor, Mary Kay Della Camera: 

Beth has worked in the salon industry for twenty-seven years, the last twelve of which were as a stylist. She is also an educator by education and profession. This unique skill set provided the foundation for a successful customer centric business. Beth’s ability to juggle conflicting schedules and unforeseen hurdles during construction is a testament to her determination. It has been a true joy to work with Beth as she launched her new business. be Salon will continue to service the salon needs of men, women, and children in Branford and the surrounding communities. Thank you Beth!!

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