Brewing Beer With Your Better Half

Matthew & Rachel Haseltine,

Better Half Brewing

December 29, 2020 - Bristol, CT

Rachel and Matthew shared a passion for brewing beer and sharing it with their family and friends. When the opportunity came along to make their hobby a full time business, they were excited to take the next steps. However, as first-time entrepreneurs they had a lot of questions and needed help securing a loan for their business. By working with their CTSBDC Business Advisor, Sade Owoye, they were able to successfully open their business in Summer 2019.

business start

Business Start


capital access

Capital Accessed

$50k Commercial Bank Loan

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Jobs Created


CTSBDC & Better Half Brewing: A Success Story

Owners: Matthew & Rachel Haseltine

Business Start Date: July 27, 2019

"One of our biggest challenges was that we did not have the business background knowledge," explained Rachel. "We originally reached out for help with our business plan and securing funding to purchase the food side of our business. Sade helped us with this and we realized all of the wonderful ways she could help us so we really capitalized on that," she went on to say."

"As Sade worked with us more, she was able to tailor her expertise to what our business needs were and help coach us how to run a successful business," Michael went on to say.

Helping businesses like Better Half Brewing is what our Business Advisors do every day.

From help securing financing, to developing a marketing plan or conducting market research, CTSBDC is able to help in a variety of capacities.

"I am so proud of what they have learned throughout the process," said Sade. "It is so exciting to see it all come together for them to successfully secure funding."

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