Launching an In-Home Speech Therapy Business

Jackie Giordano, Owner

Empowered Learners, PLLC

December 1, 2021 - Branford, CT

Speech language pathology services require a business model for the therapist to be able to work in close quarters with the client. In trying to serve pediatric clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jacqueline Giordano realized she may have success starting her own business visiting her clients in their homes.

business started

Business Started


In December 2020, Jackie contacted Connecticut Small Business Development Center (CTSBDC) to receive guidance on starting her business. She needed assistance with filing for appropriate licenses, writing her business plan, and understanding her financing options. Over the following months, Jackie worked closely with CTSBDC to develop her business plan and to understand the requirements and expectations of holding, and maintaining, a state license.

“I have faced very few challenges due to my advisors consistent and their thorough assistance while developing my business plan,” stated Jackie.  “During this process, we met weekly via videoconferencing to anticipate potential challenges, develop plans to overcome barriers, and analyze data drawn from similar businesses to discuss how they have navigated suspected barriers.”

CTSBDC Advisors Sade Owoye and Jon Carlisle worked with Jackie to provide the full breadth of advising she sought. With Sade’s expertise in business planning and Jon’s background in small business loans, they were able to completely meet this new entrepreneur’s needs.

“Jackie Giordano is the ultimate entrepreneur; she identified a market opportunity for her expertise in speech-language therapy and started her business. She provides her patients with revolutionary diagnostic and treatment methods, and adds a passion and dedication for her work,” shared Sade.

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