FinTron Investing and Banking for the Mobile Generation

Wilder Rumpf, CEO


May 27, 2021 - Westport, CT

FinTron is on a mission to make personal finance accessible, understandable, and doable for the Mobile Generation through their all-in-one investing, budgeting, saving, and investment education app, promoting the financial freedom of the Mobile Generation through better education, affordable financial products, and philanthropic give-back programs. For generations, personal finance has been done the old, complicated way. For this generation, there's FinTron...


FinTron and CTSBDC: A Success Story

What inspired you to start your business
I grew up attending 501(C)3 at-risk-youth programs run by my father Jeffrey Rumpf. Mainly summer camps and after school programs (CYO, YMCA, EDU) for youths freshly out of juvenile delinquency facilities, and impoverished youths and youths who had parents pass away in 9/11. So I always wanted to do my bit to change the world like my father. And now I am doing just that, transforming the finances of a generation, one investor at a time.

Before coming to the SBDC, what were your primary challenges and/or needs?
Before the SBDC we were a fledgeling startup run out of a broom closet at Sacred Heart University. I met up with Patty while she was on campus and we hit it off. Patty was one of my earliest mentors, plugging me into various Angel investor groups, Advisors, Mentors. She ultimately became one of my greatest advocates and earliest mentors, helping to strengthen my pitch, my business plan and deck. Patty opened many doors for my firm.

How has the services/counseling you’ve received helped you overcome your challenges?
Patty was one of my earliest mentors, she taught me how to navigate the SBA, she built me up as a young entrepreneur, taught me how to navigate the angel network, and helped me to establish my company valuation and ground my expectations in the realities of venture financing and in some cases expand my expectations in the world of startups.

How is your business doing now? What does your future look like?
FinTron LLC now owns a fully registered FINRA Member Broker-Dealer, has raised over $1.85M in funding (including institutional capital) employs 8 individuals and over 17 contractors and is live in the app store!

Describe your experience with your advisor
I absolutely love Patty, not only is she a killer on the capital front she’s a great woman! She’s called me out of the blue just to check in on me quite a few times… When covid hit - she called to ask about my company and when things where tough I called her up and she always had advice. I was able to reach out to her for help to negotiate a venture deal.

Did you work with CTSBDC for COVID-19 advising?
Yes, CTSBDC assisted in securing funding.

What would you say to other small business owners thinking of working with SBDC
It can only help! These are highly qualified people with great connections and even better intentions.


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