Opening a Law Practice to Serve Veterans

Paul Kelly, Founder

FrontLaw, PLLC

October 27, 2021 - Whethersfield, CT

Paul Kelly started FrontLaw, PLLC as a way to be his own boss and help serve the needs of individuals and businesses in Connecticut, particularly disabled veterans. He first started working with Connecticut Small Business Development Center for assistance forming his business and has also received advising in regards to marketing, website development, and bookkeeping.

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Notably, FrontLaw offers assistance to Connecticut Veterans on drafting military discharge upgrade letters. Such assistance encompasses the identification and submission of relevant evidence. Finally, Veterans with certain service-connected disabilities receive assistance in drafting a clear and concise argument to satisfy the four prong test that the “Kurta Memorandum” provided to Military Discharge Boards.

With his strong background in military leadership, Paul was somewhat unfamiliar with civilian leadership and how it may differ from his experience. By working with his advisor at CTSBDC, Paul was able to learn exactly what he needed about starting his business without feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information.

“Apart from helping me start my business, CTSBDC also helped me evaluate which social media platforms made sense to focus my time and energy on,” explained Paul.

Additionally, FrontLaw, PLLC is also now registered and accredited with the Better Business Bureau and through VetBiz is verified by the Center for Verification and Evaluation as a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Working with his advisor, Paul was able to see the value in these certifications and made obtaining them a priority.

“I hope to positively impact a larger percentage of people as a business owner,” shared Paul. “My CTSBDC advisor genuinely wants to see my business succeed.”

“From the moment Paul and I first met, his commitment to his country, family, and his business were evident. He is a strong leader and communicator, providing personalized attention and smart solutions. He brings with him a burning desire to succeed,” said Mary Kay Della Camera, Paul’s Business Advisor.

As for advice for other business owners looking for assistance? Paul shared, “Even if you had/have success with businesses already, I would expect that the SBDC would still provide new and valuable information and even possibly connect you with other small businesses to synergize efforts. To anyone else, you have absolutely nothing to lose working with the SBDC. Whether the benefit to you is immediately recognized or in the form of knowledge to utilize in the future, the advantage belongs to your business.”

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