Lil Sunshine Home Daycare, LLC Success Story

Kamara Moodie, Founder

Lil Sunshine Home Daycare, LLC

December 18, 2023 - Bridgeport, CT

The Challenge

Operating on a unique 24-hour schedule Monday through Friday, Kamara Moodie established Lil Sunshine Home Daycare in 2007. She explains, “Childcare is my passion. Nurturing young minds, planting seeds for the future, and watching them grow and flourish is what keeps me motivated.”

Kamara Moodie approached Connecticut Small Business Development Center (CTSBDC) seeking guidance to expand her business while maintaining the highest standards of care.

Business Started

Business Started 



Capital Access


Partnering with CTSBDC

Teaming up with CTSBDC Business Advisor Mark Hayles, she sketched out a plan to grow that fits the needs of families in need of flexible childcare. With advice on business strategies, finances, and operations, CTSBDC helped Kamara turn her vision into reality.
The assistance provided by the CTSBDC contributed to Kamara's successful acquisition of essential funding. Kamara received $18,000 from the Boost Fund Program and, most recently, obtained $8,000 from The Community Foundation of Greater New Haven (CFGNH), totaling $26,000. Additionally, a $25,000 grant from the Women Business Development Center (WBDC) augmented the cumulative amount to $51,000.

“CTSBDC helped me restructure my business and become more marketable and profitable.”, says Kamara.

Kamara was able to acquire a new daycare center. As of today, she has successfully enrolled 50% of the available 28 slots, actively engaging in advertising and marketing efforts. Furthermore, following collaboration with the CTSBDC, she has hired 5 full-time personnel and 1 part-time staff member at the new center.



Growing " in a Heartbeat"

Kamara is thrilled to have expanded to a second location Sunshine Daycare Center and can't wait to let everyone know that a third one is coming soon!
“Since starting my journey with CTSBDC, I have learned so much about, what operating a business entails. This has been a very rewarding journey”, states Kamara.

CTSBDC is thrilled to have backed Lil Sunshine Home Daycare on its road to success and is dedicated to nurturing visionary entrepreneurs like Kamara Moodie.

“Working with Mark has been a blessing”, says Kamara. “Please, take the opportunity to work with CTSBDC and learn, earn, and grow. There is a wealth of knowledge available. Be open to suggestions and maximize on everything that’s offered.

Congrats, Kamara! You’re a trailblazer in the childcare industry!


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