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Lorraine Simon-Lewis, Owner

Lorals Cake and Pastries

April 15, 2019 -

With a passion for food and cakes that taste just as fabulous as they look, Lorals Cakes and Pastries was born. Founded by Lorraine Simon-Lewis, Lorals LLC was formed out of her home in February 2018 followed by Lorals Cakes and Pastries in November 2018.

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Owner: Lorraine Simon-Lewis

Business Start Date: February 15, 2018

What Does Your Business Do?

As a licensed Cottage Food Operator, I am certified to bake from home, by the CT Department of Consumer Protection and the Danbury Health Department. I create cakes and pastries for parties, anniversaries, weddings, showers, graduations, and corporate events. No event is too small or too large. I look forward to helping you celebrate your next event!

What Inspired You to Start Your Business?

I began my career in baking and catering over a decade ago. I started baking for family and friends at a tender age and then decided to further my education in culinary arts. After obtaining my culinary art certificate in Jamaica and Canada, it was my desire to open my own business in designing custom cakes and pastries. Lorals Cakes and Pastries was created out of love for food, simply delicious cakes and goodies done your way for all occasions to enjoy. I thought my knowledge and experience was needed in and around the greater Danbury area. My goal is to create thoughtfully designed custom cakes that make people smile and satisfy their taste buds. I welcome the opportunity to provide sweet treats for every event in the area!

Before Coming to the CTSBDC, What Were Your Primary Challenges and/or Needs?

The challenges faced mostly was knowing who to talk to, what to do when starting your own business and where to go. I recently came to the United States unaware of the legal matters, state licensing and government requirement to operate a small business in Connecticut. I did a few searches online but wasn’t confident enough to carry out the process by myself. I spoke to a few business owners who referred me to the Danbury City Center, and they led me to CTSBDC. I reached out and was assigned to Mary Kay Della Camera, she was fantastic, I realized I was at the right place to receive answers to all my questions and guide me in the right direction.

How Has the CTSBDC Helped You Overcome Your Challenges?

The service was more than I expected. Initially, I was very confused. I thought I had to find a store front to register with Department of Revenue Services. I was thrilled about the assistance I received to set up my business. Everything was hassle free. My business name was registered, I attained my EIN #, company logo, and connected to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. Lastly, I obtained my Cottage license to operate from home. Now, I am operating my business with confidence and know I can reach out for help when needed.

What Have You Learned/Changed Since Working with the CTSBDC?

1. Setting business goals: i.e. contact at least 5 potential customers per day

2. Connection with club stores for discounted prices on products (resale certificate)

3. Availability of affordable resources to support my business and determining how to allocate my resources based on what my business needs are at the time

How is Your Business Doing Now? What Does Your Future Look Like?

I feel that I have accomplished a lot in the past year. My business is picking up and moving in the right direction. I am receiving orders on a regular basis. This speaks for the growth in my clientele. My dream is for my business to continue servicing Danbury and near-by communities with specialized custom cakes and pastries. I look forward to becoming #1 choice for custom cakes.

What Was It Like Working With Your Advisor?

Working with May Kay Della Camera has been wonderful experience, she has the energy and enthusiasm that motivates you to go on. When you think you have reached a stumbling block, she removes it. She is so knowledgeable, resourceful and patient. I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with her. When I think I might be forgetting something, she is there.

What Words of Advice Would You Give to Small Businesses Looking to Work with CTSBDC?

If you have a dream, you can make it happen with CTSBDC. Don’t be afraid to approach CTSBDC for help. They have the knowledge, expertise, patience, guidance, understanding, resources and ideas to help make your dream a reality. I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Look at me now – I am on my way.

Quote from the Business Advisor, Mary Kay Della Camera:

“It has been an honor and a pleasure working with Lorraine over the past year. Her passion, determination and craftsmanship are enhanced by her artistry. She elevates those with whom she works, bringing dreams to life. Peter Drucker said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Lorraine is helping create momentum in Danbury. We look forward to supporting her through expansion into a retail site. Go Lorraine!”

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