Sprouts Nursery Playschool, LLC SUCCESS STORY

Odette Charlery, Owner

Sprouts Nursery Playschool, LLC

January 4, 2024 - Stratford, CT

The Quest for Support: CTSBDC's Role

Odette Charlery, the owner of Sprouts Nursery Playschool, LLC, envisioned something unique and innovative within the childcare industry. Her journey began with a personal quest, unable to find suitable childcare for her son. With a decade of experience as a nanny, her passion for nurturing early childhood education blossomed into a vision for an enriched learning environment for children.


Business Started

Business Started 



Capital Access


Seeking assistance from the Connecticut Small Business Development Center (CTSBDC), Odette aimed to develop a comprehensive business plan and secure the necessary financial support to actualize her vision. "When I approached CTSBDC, I was looking for guidance in business plan development and obtaining a loan.," shares Odette.

Odette came to the CTSBDC very early in the business planning process. It was her dream to own and operate her own childcare business.  Having many years of experience working as a nanny, and now with her own family, the time was right.

Learning and Transformations

The support and counseling received from CTSBDC helped in Odette’s journey, alleviating initial anxieties and uncertainties. "I was anxious about starting the business, I was afraid it wasn't going to work. However, today, the business is running well. I have more confidence in what I can do. I have different ideas every day that I want to bring into the business.," Odette explains.

Reflecting on her journey, Odette acknowledges the transformative impact of her collaboration with CTSBDC. “I learned how to create financial projections. I also learned that I had to pivot from a big grand idea to starting smaller and growing the business.," she reveals.


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Crafting Success: The Advisor's Impact on a Flourishing Business

Since its inception in November 2023, Sprouts Nursery Playschool, LLC has been operating with a staff of three employees.
CTSBDC business advisor, Michelle Augustyn, provided integral support to Sprouts Nursery Playschool in developing financial projections and a comprehensive business plan. Through Michelle's guidance and expertise, the client achieved a significant milestone, securing a substantial $20,000 line of credit from Key Bank. Additionally, they demonstrated their commitment by investing $12,000 of their funds.
During the process, it became clear in the planning process that taking on a sizable loan and obtaining commercial space for a start-up business posed a significant risk. She pivoted through the planning process and decided to start smaller, converting her finished basement into a welcoming and beautiful preschool. Odette is also able to provide outside play in her fenced backyard.

Speaking about her experience working with the business advisor, Odette lauds the advisor’s instrumental role in her journey. "My experience was great. It was very formative. Michelle Augustyn made us feel comfortable. She was available when we needed her. I learned so much along the way about starting a business. We are happy we went through CTSBDC instead of starting it ourselves. I think it was more successful this way," Odette expresses.

Nurturing Growth: The Value of Professional Support in Growing Little by Little

Addressing fellow small business owners contemplating assistance from CTSBDC, Odette emphasizes the immense value of seeking professional guidance.
" I think it is a great idea. You learn a lot, especially if you are new to starting a small business. You gain a lot of insights from working with professional people. I just started with an idea but didn't know what I was doing. CTSBDC helped bring that idea to life. People should get professional help starting a business, no matter how small it is," she advises.

Remarkably, during the inaugural week of operations, the establishment operated at full capacity.
It is still Odette’s goal to expand into a center in the future, however, for now, her childcare business is thriving. She has a waiting list for available slots. Most importantly, the children in her care are flourishing in learning their colors, numbers, letters, social and emotional skills, nature, science, and more through Odette’s Montessori approach to childhood education.
Looking ahead, Odette envisions an expansion into a larger center by 2024.

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