Transporting a Career in IT Consulting into Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Gary Wright, Founder

Wright Transportation

January 7, 2018 - Service, Windsor

Looking for a break in his 25-year career in IT consulting, Gary Wright saw an opportunity to start a new venture in non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT).

jobs created

Jobs Created


capital accessed

Capital Accessed 

Secured CT DECD Loan



NEMT services entail helping patients get to and from non-life-threatening health care services like doctor and treatment appointments. He saw that there was a lack of good, safe, and reliable transportation options for vulnerable patients. Gary secured a contract with the Department of Social Services and invested his own money to get Wright Transportation, Inc. started, but he needed additional support. Gary sought assistance from the CTSBDC to secure operating capital.

Gary worked with Matt Nemeth, CTSBDC business advisor, to research financing options and to develop a strong business case for funding. Matt worked with Gary to put together a compelling application to the Department of Community and Economic Development (DECD) Small Business Express program to secure funding for the purchase of vehicles. Through the process, Matt taught Gary how monthly budgeting and financial benchmarks can help make better business decisions – protocols Gary uses today.

After a year of working with Matt, Gary secured a loan from the DECD Small Business Express program that enabled him to purchase 20 vehicles. With his new fleet of vehicles, Gary hired 10 new employees, expanded his territory, and increased sales by 50%.

The vehicles he purchased were not your typical NEMT vehicles. Gary invested in MV1 vehicles. Originally developed for residential use, Wright Transportation became the first NEMT provider to use them. These vehicles have a luxurious feel with a sleek design, built-in wheelchair ramp, and details their patients notice and appreciate.

Wright Transportation is now the State’s #1 recommended NEMT provider in the area. Gary attributes this to his caring staff and their fleet of top of the line (always clean) vehicles. He has plans for continued expansion starting in Spring 2018.